Easy installation

An ergonomically designed handle is used to perfect spray distribution and to ease the spraying process. The spraying distance is 30 to 50mm.

Compact size and
fully mobile

Equipped with vacuum benches and rollers

to adjust the height and to ease the movement of spraying machines.

The spraying gun with handle is included and spraying distance is 30 to 50mm.

Space saving storage of flexible spraying system

Equipped with a powerful silent aspiration motor and an ergonomic spray gun handle.

This small size model is designed to operate

horizontal and vertical spraying on the working  bench. With spraying gun handle attached, spraying distance is 30 to 50mm.


Equipped with a vacuum benches and rollers.

Including silent aspiration motor with a small spraying gun without handle.

Suitable for a large area bonding.

Spraying distance is 3-50mm.


High productivity

Equipped with vacuum benches and rollers to adjust the height.

Silent aspiration motor is facilitated with spraying gun with no handles.Working bench is larger than I788model and is suitable for large area bonding. Spraying distance is 30 to 50mm.

Maximum efficiency
and working space

Equipped with an extra large vacuum bench with rollers and two silent aspiration motors with a large spraying gun with no handles to support spraying a large area.

The spraying distance is 15 to 200mm.

Essential storage space

Including 12 detachable benches with adhesive spraying machine to minimize  the waste time of placing and removing the leather sheet. The key point is to store a large amount of materials waiting to be dried and save storage space.




​water adhesive

Intercom environmentally friendly adhesives are water based without toluene or pungent odor.

Adhesives do not contain violet solvent, cause no health effect and are usable in the air-conditioned room. Leather maintain its original feature after bonding.

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