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  • Gel type and applicable use glue squeegee.

  • Strength, operation method are the same as solvent based adhesives.

  • It is perfect suitable for leather production that need to be stitched by machine or hand. The bond can be removed and reattached several time in the beginning of application. Operation method is similar to rubber glue.

  • After spraying, the bond cure from 3 minutes to 24 hours, which is convenient for batch process management.

  • Stitching, large area spraying, mass production, hand-made class recommendation.


  • liquid type and applicable use bristles and glue squeegee.

  • With highest bonding strength, it is most suitable for seamless model production.

  • After spraying both sides of material, it should bond within 30 minutes when bonding strength reaches its maximum.

  • Clip can be used to attach thicker leather and removed after it is bonded.

  • It is convenient to end a stitch, dispense glue and apply edge finish.


intercom adhesives are water based without toluene or pungent odor.

Do not contain violet solvent, cause no health effect and are usable in the air-conditioned room.

Leather maintain its original feature after bonding.。

Intercom non toxic odorless adhesive cause no harm to workers and reduce the risk of fire and explosions.

free of volatile organic compounds and minimize air pollution and emission.

Compliance with international SGS, EU Reach, RSL as well as meeting international environmental standards.

Keep the fabric or leather clean without stain and minimize the sewing problem of sticking substance.



World leading technology, Intercom adhesive spraying system is the most powerful tool to speed up batch processing and to enhance perfection.

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