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Leather sheet (and small scale) skiving / cutting / hand sewing / machine sewing / splitting / edge skiving / slitting / custom knives / custom copper mold or zinc precision die cast logo/ heat stamp / laser engraving / pin buckle

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Customized service

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Provide customized workshop to local cultural and creative activities, government institution, corporate societies, school crafts and household management class, etc.


About us

We are a leather material supplier located in Taiwan. Founded in 1987 with initial aim to produce semi-finished leather goods, leather goods on a OEM basis, and to supply materials. 30 years has passed.

Nowadays, handcrafted making has become a creation of life, and people can easily make their own leather creation.The trend also turn us into a major provider for leather handcrafted design workshops, leather design and producing services, referral service, and bag making workshops in Kaohsiung area.

No experience no problem. Welcome beginners with no knowledge of leather making or tools using, and for people who have ideas looking for customization, feel free to visit our store or consult with us. Have creative ideas? Let’s brainstorm!


Italian vegetable tanned leather

Our choice of strict leather selection


Provide semi-finished products and (small scale) machined

and material purchasing.

Customization of a large scale or(small scale) products.


Firm vegetable tanned leather

The Buttero leathers are sourced from Conceria Walpier, one of the Italian Tanners’ Association. The Buttero leather is the most popular series among collection. Considering a thin wax treatment is given on the surface and stuffed with oil, it has a beautiful nature leather luster with no exaggeration. Maybe not be many Taiwanese people knows her, but stepping outside, their leathers are well recognized by many leather craftsmen internationally.


The LA leather is high pressure compressed vegetable tanned leather, providing a high luster, solid and oiled surface, in addition to having scratch resistant and a beautiful sheen after polishing. Great choice for beginners to start with. Item crafted with the LA leather will have a special sheen.

Medium soft vegetable tanned leather

Belt vegetable tanned leather


The Rocky leathers imported from same factory that is producing the Buttero. The leather is given a thin wax treatment and leaving rich oil on the surface. The thickness reaches 3.6 mm and is a thick type vegetable tanned leather for belt.


The Toscano leather has smooth surface and moderate in thickness. This versatile leather is used to produce bucket bags, reversible bags or small items applying inseam method. Also possible to make small items using outseam pulling such as long purse, short wallets and ID holders. The leather is made with rich oil and giving a subtle smell of leather. Best for book covers, travel notes, and other high end writing products.

Medium soft vegetable tanned leather 

​1/2 Vitelli

The 1/2 Vitelli is a type of vegetable tanned leather and its softness is similar to sheepskin for its smooth and supple surface and its good elasticity.

Super supple vegetable tanned leather


Recommended products 

Quality Choice Products. Best for craftsman and stores shop for high quality leathers.

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Polished Awls

HUA Waxed Thread

Italian Pro
​Edge Paint

​Leather Tools

​Water Based Adhesives




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Get innovative with leather at SG LEATHER. Have need to buy leather / tools / or hardware? You are welcome to contact us. We look forward to discuss with you further and be creative with leather ideas.Small quantities or bulk buying is available to agents and distributors in various industries.





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