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​Leather Tools

     Speaking of our leather tools, this story start from more than 40 years ago at the beginning of the Tainan Shanhua...

We are not aspire to the leather goods mass production but believe in faith of soft fire makes sweet malt. With no silver coating charming appearance, reveals the inner true material.

Every cutting and grooving is made by crafts-men.

"Slow work yields fine products. Surely we should insist to use the best steel material.” answered by the owner Guo.

Taiwan's local leather tool manufacturer is a unrevealed champion.

Maybe you have purchased Japanese leather tools in the past and did not know it is actually made in Taiwan.


Tainan Shanhua has worked in local for more than 40 years. Believe in tradition practices, insisting to use the best steel and following rigorous process.

The most outstanding craftsmanship and respect of steel spirit are in use for the high-temperature production aiming to produce the perfect hand tool for you.

I am a craftsman, not a businessman.

the master’s word. Emphasize on practical and connotation rather than gorgeous appealing.

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