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Made In Germany

What is


      The Schaeffer company was founded in 1876 and based in Germany. They started with the production of small metal goods such as fastener and metal clamps. With their durability, they earn the partnership with many large automobile plants.

      LOXX® brand products were officially launched in 2009. The fastener is commonly used in detachable straps for marine, medical equipment, and precious equipment (such as photography, sound equipment, etc.), and are renown for their high durability and reliability.

     In recent years, LOXX fasteners also are widely used in leather goods, in addition to its stability and durability, improving leather goods to exquisite. We expect this carefully made hardware can be used to every leather crafts. Thus we introduced this brand to Taiwan, and hope people have opportunity to use this high-quality hardware on their leather goods.

How to install LOXX®

Super easy. Get the hang of it after first installation.




Combine delicate and compact parts with the leather goods. Do not waste your talents. Take one more step to improve your crafts.

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